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Zeato 2015 for Ari by NefariousSandshrew
Zeato 2015 for Ari
Yo! :icononokiya: is one of my oldest rp buddies, who I still rp with a lot. She and I are doin some art trades, and so I did up Zeato, really my first OC I really ever posted to DA. Hes seen a lot of different versions but atm he's a monarch. Long story. Either way, he's totally her go to guy, and I RLY liked drawing him. Made me realize how much I missed the simplicity of drawing good lookin' naked men.
Ninu for Inu! by NefariousSandshrew
Ninu for Inu!
Had enough time today at work for a quick doodle to say happy birthday to :iconinu-nee:

Last year she gifted me one of my most treasured pokemon, my shiny Furfrou, which I had nicknamed Ninu, after her. Hope you have a good birthday~!
Ezekiel Sticker Meme by NefariousSandshrew
Ezekiel Sticker Meme
This was super cute and fun to do.

Wanted to fill this out asap so we can show you guys what we're hoping to do with these character stickers.
I really hope everyone ends up filling these out! It'll make some of the future memes even more fun.

If you havent yet, check out Ho-Oh University, the group this is for. It's super casual and laid back. If you're even a little bit pokemon oriented, and are just looking for a good platform to rp and find new friends, its a great group.
HOU: Dean Jacob Paarl by NefariousSandshrew
HOU: Dean Jacob Paarl
Finally finished this huge slice of old bro! Lemme introduce you to the latest Dean over HOU's school of business, Jacob Paarl.

Name: Jacob Paarl
Position: Dean (school of business)
Pokemon: Palkia
Age:: 58

Bio: Little is known about HOU's newest dean. He's a mysterious investor who donated a large sum of money for the school's renovation, and has since settled into this administrative position. Previously, he had made his money by founding a company that has been riding on the crest of many digital developments in the past 30 years. It's Jacob's wish to help structure a school, and do what he can to help the next generation of innovators.

Personality: Jacob is at first very quiet, almost aloof. However, once he starts up, he rarely slows down. He's prone to over-the-top speeches in his grand, booming voice, and can get invested pretty quickly in other people's problems. He's the sort of person that steamrolls a problem, throwing everything at it, usually with a parade and fanfare marching behind him. Whether the person he is helping likes it or not.

Likes: Spicy food, Blues, Vaudeville, Strong Tea, Athletics, Helping others, The sound of his own voice.

Dislikes: Meek people, Overly sweet food, laziness, sitting around and doing nothing.
Ezekiel: HOU 2015 by NefariousSandshrew
Ezekiel: HOU 2015
Well kids, we've kept it under wraps long enough. The new HOU is coming super super soon, and we figured we'd tease the app a little early. And I was never happy with Ezekiel's HOU design, so I figured now was as good a time as any to give him his own revamp.

Any of you HOU members eager to return, I'm sure you have tons of questions about the app, the group, etc. Ask away, but please keep in mind that I can't divulge any details until the group officially opens. All I can say is that I hope to see you all back here soon!

| Name |

| Pokemon |

| Nature |

| Gender |

| Orientation |

| Height/Weight |
5'7 / 135lbs

| Birth Date |
April 19

| Likes |

  • Himself
  • Attention
  • Dancing
  • Coffee
  • Sweets

| Dislikes |

  • Most other Attention Hogs
  • Mornings

| Personality |
Ezekiel comes off as a sweet, immature ditz who simply wants attention and loves to be loved. Fueled by pure coffee,  He will chase after the affection of other with reckless abandon, and no respect for personal space or his targets busy life.
But, just underneath his candy coating lies a much more lecherous being, determined to get and give love. Ezekiel would like nothing better than if the whole world ignored all of the negative trappings of life and just focused on loving one another, however possible.

Hey friends! Just realized I haven't posted a journal in a year. I wanted to jump on and let everyone know I'm not dead, I just haven't been submitting! My life has been pretty busy, and while I have been drawing a lot still, a lot are commissions (which I don't post to DA), and a lot well, I just didn't much see the point of posting. BUT I have still been watching you guys post from the shadows, and I've seen some awesome art, keep it up!

You'll start seeing things from me soon. I'm involved in another group again as an admin (more on that later) and I have a few other post worthy stuffs in the pipeline. Remember, you can always hit me up on skype if you want! (Same as my DA name)
  • Listening to: Podcasts... all the podcasts @w@
  • Reading: GoT Book 5
  • Watching: Every Superhero show, apparently
  • Playing: Bloodborne


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